What Glasses Wear on Your Personality

By Madison Cary | April 22, 2024

Your glasses are not just an accessory; they're your sidekick. Apart from relying on them to see, they’re also the one item in your wardrobe that goes everywhere with you - no matter what. 

Did you know that your personality and style can influence your taste in glasses? 👀 That’s right! Depending on your character, interests, and values, you may gravitate towards a particular frame style or color, reflecting your unique taste and personal flair. So which glasses type are you? Find your personality below and discover your match.

1. The Quirky Comedian

You are Bold and Quirky

Frame Styles: Round, oversized frames with unique patterns or unconventional shapes.

Colors: Intense and vibrant hues like electric blue, bright pink, or quirky patterns.

Your personality: You’re basically a walking, talking meme. You are witty and the first to make everyone laugh in a serious situation; humor comes naturally to you. You are spontaneous and unpredictable, and you live in the moment. Trips and spills are common, as you tend to be a little bit clumsy. It’s all part of the package – the laughs, the spontaneity, and the occasional misstep.

But, beneath the humor lies a compassionate soul, always ready to uplift friends with a kind word or a thoughtful gesture.

2. The Thrill Rider

You are Daring and Adventurous

Frame Styles: Aviator or geometric frames with sharp lines for an edgy look.

Colors: Classic black, deep red, or fiery orange.

Your personality: To you, life's a wild ride, a rollercoaster of thrilling moments. You never stay in one place for too long as you love to chase new challenges and curiosities. Both in your personal and professional life, you are willing to take risks and try new things.

Now, let's get one thing straight - you’re not reckless; you just try to make the most of every moment and every challenge, finding joy in the impulsivity of life. For you, a schedule is more of a flexible guideline than a strict plan, allowing you to go with the flow and seize unexpected opportunities.

3. The Radiant

You are Playful and Positive

Frame Styles: Cat-eye frames or frames with offbeat detailing like floral or fantasy-inspired designs.

Colors: Tortoiseshell or soft pastels like lavender, mint green, or even translucent frames.

Your personality: Your personality radiates with positivity and happiness. You are cheerful and carefree, finding joy in the simplest of moments. Always optimistic, you see the glass as half full and don't shy away from being yourself. Known for your infectious laughter, you’re the cheerleader, pushing everyone to go for it. Super chill and easygoing, last-minute changes don't faze you at all.

You’re the friend everyone can count on for a judgment-free zone, making every hangout feel like a good therapy session.

4. The Unconventional Spirit

You are Defiant and Unapologetic

FRAME STYLES: Bold frames with a chunky or angular design.

COLORS: Matte black, tortoiseshell, or unconventional colors like deep red.

YOUR PERSONALITY: You like to march to the beat of your own drum. Standing out isn't a choice; it's your way of saying, "Hold onto your hats, world. I'm here!" Your preference for substance over surface-level interactions sets you apart. It's not that you're anti-social; you just value quality over quantity when it comes to your connections.

You are also a natural leader with strong opinions that influence the people around you. You stand up for what is right and are never afraid to disagree or speak your mind.

5. The Strategist

You’re a Dependable Planner

GLASSES FRAMES: Wayfarer with a modern twist or frames with interesting details.

COLORS: On-trend colors like emerald green, earth tones, or translucent frames for a modern touch.

YOUR PERSONALITY: As a true type A personality, you like thinking stuff through and making decisions that won't lead to avoidable errors. Cool-headed and responsible, you own up to whatever you do and don’t let emotions cloud your judgment. When your friends need advice, they know who to hit up—this reliable and punctual friend right here. You’re the methodical type, tackling tasks step by step to get things done right.

When it comes to accomplishments, you're not just ahead of the curve - you've probably cartwheeled around it a few times. You find satisfaction in establishing and maintaining routines and love organization.

6. The Introvert

You are Introverted and Innovative

Frame Styles: Retro-frames in tortoiseshell accents for a timeless appeal.

Colors: Tortoiseshell or classic black for a touch of sophistication but without being too flashy.

Your personality: The quiet innovator, living in a world of your own. You often leave others puzzled. In social gatherings, you find the coziest corner, where you can observe the lively chaos from a comfortable distance. Being in the spotlight or in busy environments can easily overwhelm you.

As a master of Irish goodbyes, you like to slip away from gatherings without being noticed. The funny thing is, although you are very introverted when you do go out, other people find you incredibly charming. Your quiet and mysterious personality makes heads turn. So, here's to the introvert navigating a world that often overlooks the brilliance that lies beneath the surface.

The Spectacle Wrap-up

Your choice of frames is a canvas for self-expression. Whether you're roaring with laughter, breaking the rules, advocating for the truth, defying norms, leading trends, or quietly innovating, your eyewear is a visual narrative of your unique story. So, whatever your style, wear it with pride. Here's to the vibrant diversity of personalities that make the world more colorful and fascinating, one frame at a time. 😎


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