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West Mount Airy

rootbeer - matte

45-20-140 | small - medium - large

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131 S. 18th St.
Philadelphia, PA 19103

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888 245 0540

About the Frames

Mount Airy is a great part of Philly. We don’t exactly know the difference between Mount Airy and West Mount Airy, but we thought that West Mount Airy sounded better for a frame name.

A picturesque and progressive part of town; Mount Airy has earned a reputation for being diverse since the 1950’s. Welcoming to families of all races, genders, religions (except Branch Davidians), and sexual orientations (meow!), Mt. Airy has been recognized as one of the first successfully integrated towns in America.
< br> The West Mount Airy by Philly EyeWorks is as inclusive as they come—as long as you’re a woman with a small face. Petite and delicate, this frame is as charming as the part of town it finds its inspiration from.

Other Things to Know

Finished in Philly

All frames are sandblasted, hand dyed, and finished at our workshop in Philly.

Color Options

West Mount Airy is available in 18 front colors, 12 side colors, and 2 finishes (matte or polish).