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Olde City

1130 - matte

53-19-145 | small - medium - large

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Our Philadelphia showroom carries the complete line of sunglasses and glasses.

131 S. 18th St.
Philadelphia, PA 19103

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888 245 0540

About the Frames

William Penn and the Quakers first settled in Olde City because of its proximity to the Delaware River. Today, Olde City has great historic attractions, as well as apartments filled with recent college graduates who have just started their entry-level jobs. In many instances, college graduates who are just starting out in the real world think that they know just about everything. Don’t be fooled by their false confidence, they don’t actually know everything. Those recent grads living in Olde City do, however, frequent the cool local bars and every once in a while there will be a fight after closing time. The Olde City frame is cool enough to fight over, but Philly EyeWorks would never advocate violence. It’s a plastic and metal combination frame that works well for both men and women and fits the average to larger size face, offering a modern version of a popular style from yesteryear.

Other Things to Know

Finished in Philly

All frames are sandblasted, hand dyed, and finished at our workshop in Philly.

Color Options

Olde City is available in 18 front colors, 12 side colors, and 2 finishes (matte or polish).