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What does FUWP mean?

A little while back, online optical giant Warby Parker decided to go on a marketing tour of the country. Sponsored by Amex, one of their large corporate investors, they drove a school bus filled with their glasses to major cities promoting their brand. When they came to Philadelphia they chose to park the bus right in front of the Philly EyeWorks showroom. On one hand, parking in front of a busy, local eyeglass shop was a great way to promote their brand, and on the other hand, it's disappointing to see a big corporation poach customers from a small, local, independent shop. A closer examination of the stops on the bus tour revealed that they had, in fact, parked their bus in close proximity to many other small, local shops all around the country.

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Adding to the confusion is the fact that Warby Parker cast themselves as heroes in the battle against big corporate giant Luxottica (who owns Lenscrafters, Pearle Vision, Sunglass Hut, and more). Much of their meteoric rise to fame can be attributed to their being perceived as a philanthropic company that wants to promote "doing good". It seems hypocritical for a company that has positioned itself as the public's savior from the corporate giant Luxottica to themselves BE the corporate giant that is competing directly with small local opticians across the country.

Philly EyeWorks, with its FUWP campaign (WP stands for Warby Parker), has taken the first step of what may very well be a mounting resistance against Warby Parker. It is about time for all the great independent optical shops around the country to unite and to fight back against corporate giant Warby Parker by telling their stories.

Customize Colorful Vintage Unisex Eyeglasses
Customize Colorful Vintage Eyeglasses for men and women
Customize Colorful Vintage unisex Sunglasses
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At its showroom located at 131 S. 18th St., in the Rittenhouse Square shopping district, Philly EyeWorks is a full service shop that features the city's largest and most diverse selection of eyewear, including the Philly EyeWorks collection of glasses and sunglasses. Philly EyeWorks accepts most insurance plans, offers optometry services, and has an incredible collection of experienced opticians.

The Philly EyeWorks brand of eyewear is a unique brand that features 21 eclectic frame styles that are each available in hundreds of color and finish combinations, ranging from bright and colorful to simple. Each frame is hand finished in our Philadelphia workshop.

Philly EyeWorks designs its frames in Philly, colors, sandblasts and finishes its frames in Philly, hires local and pays living wages to its employees.