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blush - polish

52-19-140 | small - medium - large

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Our Philadelphia showroom carries the complete line of sunglasses and glasses.

131 S. 18th St.
Philadelphia, PA 19103

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888 245 0540

About the Frames

Ben Franklin was a lady’s man. While he preferred buxom beauties, he had a taste for pretty much every woman; especially intelligent women, potentially less than intelligent women, tall women, short women, married women, single women, blonde haired women, redheads or brunettes too- well you get the idea. Around Philadelphia some wonder if his famous quote-“early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise”- was simply a strategy to have less competition when the nighttime rolled around. Franklin left a lasting legacy on both Philly and eyewear (he is credited as the inventor of bifocals), and that is exactly what the Franklin from Philly EyeWorks plans on doing as well. With its updated retro look, the Franklin offers a cool, hip look for both guys and gals. Franklin fits the average size face very well and creates a slightly oversized feel. Here’s to an all-time great Philadelphian’s!

Other Things to Know

Finished in Philly

All frames are sandblasted, hand dyed, and finished at our workshop in Philly.

Color Options

Franklin is available in 18 front colors, 12 side colors, and 2 finishes (matte or polish).