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Fo Fo Fo

blush - polish

53-21-140 | small - medium - large

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131 S. 18th St.
Philadelphia, PA 19103

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About the Frames

Philadelphia's story of Moses leading his people to the Promised Land has nothing to do with freeing the Jews from slavery in Egypt. Yes, that other Moses was important to some, but for most Philadelphians, there is another Moses far more important. For six years, Philadelphia’s basketball team the '76ers had come within spitting distance of an NBA Championship victory, only to come up short each time. Finally, before the 1982-83 season, the '76ers signed Moses Malone to be the team’s fearless leader. Moses parted the NBA seas that year, leading the team through the playoffs and to the Promised Land. The whole city celebrated with a parade down Broad Street. Moses had known the team would come out on top all along. Just before the playoffs that year, a reporter had asked him for a prediction on how the Sixers would fare. He answered "Fo Fo Fo," meaning the team would win four games in each round of the playoffs and bring the World Championship back to the place it belonged. Those who wear the Fo Fo Fo from Philly EyeWorks are no doubt born leaders- strong enough and fashionable enough to pull off this "in your face" Philly look. Oversized and made for both men and women, the Fo Fo Fo will have you shouting with confidence, "Set my people free!"

Other Things to Know

Finished in Philly

All frames are sandblasted, hand dyed, and finished at our workshop in Philly.

Color Options

Fo Fo Fo is available in 18 front colors, 12 side colors, and 2 finishes (matte or polish).