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grape - polish

47-17-135 | small - medium - large

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Our Philadelphia showroom carries the complete line of sunglasses and glasses.

131 S. 18th St.
Philadelphia, PA 19103

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888 245 0540

About the Frames

Fairmount Park, in the heart of Philly, is one of the largest city parks in the country. Fairmount Park is filled with lots of famous landmarks like The Philadelphia Zoo, Boathouse Row, Fairmount Water Works, about 2 million trees, and The Mann Music Center. The Mann is a great place to see a concert because it's right there in the park and you can see the city skyline in the background. The Mann used to get all the biggest, hippest musical acts that rolled in to town, but unfortunately "the powers that be" needed to make more money from us and decided the Mann was too small to do so. So they built a new place for concerts in Camden New Jersey that has no charm or character and re-routed all of the big acts over there.

The Fairmount from Philly EyeWorks is a nice and easy rectangular shape that works great for smaller size faces. Try them on a walk through Fairmount Park or when you are trying to make more money.

Other Things to Know

Finished in Philly

All frames are sandblasted, hand dyed, and finished at our workshop in Philly.

Color Options

Fairmount is available in 18 front colors, 12 side colors, and 2 finishes (matte or polish).