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Shopping local, shopping small and shopping loyal is now more important than it has ever been. In our current geo-political climate it's big corporations that hold all the power and there is very little that we the people can do to loosen their control. One thing that can be done is for us to choose to shop small, shop local and shop loyal whenever it makes sense. If we can come together to do this, we can keep our hard earned money in our local communities and in the hands of our neighbors who live and work side by side with us. In this sense, our money can be used to strengthen the roots of the community we live in and not in the hands of the big corporate giants.


Shopping small, shopping local and shopping loyal makes total sense when it comes to buying glasses. It's about doing the best thing for yourself (although you will be acting in an extremely socially conscious way in the process!). Shopping small, shopping local and shopping loyal is the best way for people to get the best pair of glasses for themselves regardless of how much they want to spend. There are so many great local independent shops and small local chains all around the country that sell and service inexpensive glasses (under $100), average priced glasses ($100-300) and exclusive glasses ($300 and up). It doesn't matter what price point of glasses you are seeking to buy, you can get a really great pair of glasses for yourself, deal with experienced and skilled opticians all while shopping locally- in the process, helping yourself, your community and the whole country.

Independent and small chains of opticians, optometrists, and ophthalmologists (The 3 O's) account for approximately 50% of the glasses sold at the retail level in the country. This percentage seems to be rising as consumers realize that shopping small for glasses is the best thing to do for themselves. Big corporations know the statistics and trends and that's why some of them attempt to mask themselves as small businesses.

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The retail eyeglass market has organically resisted the attempts of big business to consolidate down to two or three big players- like drug stores, hardware stores and so many other industries- because of the very fact that it is a relationship business.

There are a lot of benefits to create a long term relationship with a local eyeglass retailer. Eyeglasses are a highly personal product and different people have different preferences in what they spend, what their needs are both optically and from a fashion and fit perspective. Over the course of time while working with the same local shop, your preferences will become more clear and therefore your optician will have more clear understanding of how to make you happy with your purchase and steer you clear of purchases that you will later regret.

That's key: over the course of time, as a person gets different pairs of glasses and their prescriptions change, they will undoubtedly encounter occasional issues- problems seeing and problems with breakage or damaging to their purchases- and this is where the relationship with a local optical shop comes in to play: they will need real opticians to diagnose their optical issue with a particular pair of glasses and they will need to rely on established relationships with small businesses that care enough about them to show respect for their purchase and share in the cost burden of replacing or fixing their broken or damaged products- something big businesses have unfortunately not shown the desire to do for many consumers because they are too focused on the bottom line of creating huge profit for investors. When you buy your glasses from a local, independent store or small chain, there are no greedy investors involved in the business relationship.