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About Philly Eyeworks

Philly Eyeworks is a new brand of eyewear that celebrates individuality and diversity. Our exclusive collection of hand-made eyeglasses and sunglasses offers an eclectic array of shapes coupled with an almost endless possibility of color options, so Philly Eyeworks are exactly as wild or subdued as you are (or want to be!).

Philly Eyeworks - Hand-made eyeglasses in Philadelphia, USA

Philly EyeWorks frames are assembled in our Philadelphia workshop (truly made in the USA!). We design our frames in Philly, color ‘em in Philly, and sandblast ‘em in Philly. Customers can expect slight variances in the colors because each frame is colored individually, by hand, making each pair of Philly EyeWorks a one-of-a-kind work of art.

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